Boot Fitting

Certified boot fitters serving Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.

With many decades of experience, we specialize in fitting our customers in a thorough and patient manner. We frequently “downsize” our customers into more appropriate sizes and modify boots to better fit the customer. Often, what feels good in the shop doesn’t work so well out in the snow. We do a careful analysis of your feet to determine what is an appropriate boot selection for you. An improperly fit boot can make or break your ski experience.

Many people are in boots a size or even two sizes too large for them. While this may feel comfortable while in a shop, once you are skiing or walking around, the foot will tend to move inside the boot and cause problems. (toes hitting the front, shins banging, cold feet, loss of circulation, just to name a few). It is extremely difficult if not impossible to make an overly large boot fit correctly. In an effort to stop the feet from moving, people resort to tactics such as: multiple pairs of socks, padding out the liner, buckling the boot tighter etc. All of these are band aids at best. Boots that are too small are less common, but no better on your feet, although in some cases these boots can be modified to alleviate issues: Toes touching, “hot spots”, a need to be constantly unbuckling the boot to allow the blood to flow, etc.

Some skiers, even after being properly fit, need more help: Custom or semi custom footbeds, aftermarket boot liners, and/or boot modifications can frequently help these people. It is important to fit the boot to the foot and not to try to fix a problem by going up in size. We can alleviate many problems by making small changes (stretching/grinding etc.) in the boot and liner. The results of a properly fit boot, with any needed modifications to alleviate pain/problems are generally much more successful than going up in size: The heel fits well, there are no hot spots, the toes have enough space, the foot stays in place in the boot with just moderate buckle tension, etc.

If you have a problem with your boots, please come see us, we can help you! We offer a fit guarantee on our boots and our prices are competitive. We are also glad to work on boots purchased elsewhere, provided they are sized close enough to work with.

Thank you!

Jimmy & Dave


*Due to time and space limitations, we ask that you please call ahead to schedule an appointment for custom boot-fitting and footbed work (EXISTING BOOTS ONLY). This will allow the time needed to do a careful and thorough job for you. It is also helpful to bring a pair of shorts or comfortable sweatpants and ski socks, along with your current boots and skis.*


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We also specialize in custom fittings for Hockey Skates, Moto Cross Boots, Roller Blades, and much more!